Ubicación: a 3 kms de San Pancho a 5 minutos de la playa

Capacidad máxima: 17 personas

Precio por noche: $7,800

Total de estadía del 1 al 5 de mayo para 12 adultos y 5 niños: $31,200

Jungle, beach and ocean bliss. The Tailwind Jungle Lodge and retreat center is perched on 5
acres of captivating jungle that descends to a spectacular cove of white sand. Our charming
casitas, bungalows and palapas offer a comfortable and natural experience that is sure to
rejuvenate, inspire and delight!

We have 8 bedrooms in 6 different accommodations (2 Casitas, 2 Palapas & 2 Bungalows) for 16 people. We also have an extra couch bed for a child if you have 17 people

for cooking all of our accommodations have full kitchen or small kitchenettes. You’ll be able to cook up some wonderful meals in the jungle! We also have a chef who is available to cook for you if you’d like. The main dining place is on the deck of the Palapa Tigre. There are also many excellent restaurants in San Pancho, from tasty taco stands to fancy 4 star restaurants

The town of San Pancho is about 3 km . It takes 10 minutes to drive or about an hour to walk. It’s a beautiful jungle road. Will you be driving your own cars here? If not, you can easily rent cars in Puerto Vallarta or a taxi service is available.
Our beach is a 5 minute walk down a jungle trail. It’s a beautiful white sand beach that is very secluded and nice and calm for swimming, perfect for kids.
All of our rooms have fans.
If you have a group of 12+ people, breakfast is $10/person, brunch is $14, lunch is $12, dinner is $14.  When your reservation is official, I will put you directly in touch with the chef so you can discuss your meal arrangements. The chef is completely optional if you’d prefer to cook for yourselves. We have a BBQ by the pool and a BBQ at the Palapa Tigre. Both are outside and you’ll be welcome to use either of those. Grilling in the jungle is fun!

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